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Papa John’s is having yet another strong quarter, with a 23.8% same-store sales increase reported for the third quarter ended September 27, according to preliminary fiscal results. The Atlanta- and Louisville-based pizza chain is also reporting a 20.6% same-store sales increase for international stores. These results mark the sixth straight month of positive double-digit same-store sales growth for the once-struggling brand.

“Six consecutive months of double-digit comparable sales growth were made possible by the hard work of Papa John’s team members and franchisees during the global pandemic,” Papa John’s president and CEO Rob Lynch said. “We remain confident that our innovation pipeline, marketing and technology platforms, and strong operations will continue to support strong results during, and after, the pandemic.”

For the ninth period of the year, or the period of the third quarter from August 24 to September 27, Papa John’s reported 18.4% same-store sales growth in North America, showing that the latter third of the quarter experienced slower growth than the booming spring and summer the pizza chain experienced. Papa John’s also reported 23.3% same-store sales growth for international stores for the period of August 24 to September 27.

As for store closures, the company is down to only 90 temporary store closures, mostly in Latin America and Europe, while in North America stores have nearly all reopened.

Last quarter, Papa John’s reported record-breaking same-store sales of 28% for the second quarter ended June 28, which they’ve attributed to both their long-term recovery strategy and to their quick pivoting during the pandemic, as well as consistent menu innovation.

The company will continue to provide regular business updates in light of the uncertainty during the pandemic, and is expected to report its third quarter results in full in November.