Eatz Associates values your privacy. We make every effort to ensure the security of any information you provide when you visit

Our privacy policy explains what information we collect, what we do with that information, and how you can retrieve, change, or delete any information that we store.

1. What information do we collect?
We collect two types of information about our website visitors. The first is non-personally identifiable information and the second is personally identifiable information.

a. Non-personally identifiable information
When you certain non-personally identifiable information is collected and stored on our website’s server logs. This information includes your IP address, general geographic location, browser type, and date and time of the visit. It may be used for analytics or security purposes but does not reveal your identity or the details of your location.

b. Personally identifiable information
Personally identifiable information is voluntarily provided by you and may include your name, email address, company name, company address, and telephone number.

We use this personal information provided by you for purposes of providing a service or answering a request. The information is stored on our servers and accessed by our personnel so we can best respond to your needs. Your contact information will be added to our customer database and may be used at a future time for purposes of follow-up or to send you product promotions. This information is not shared with any third party and is not used in any other way except as described below.

2. Who we share your information with
If you fill out a request form on our website or email us directly with a request for information we may need to share that information with our vendors. You have the right to refuse to have your information shared when you fill out our request form, but in some circumstances this will prevent us from issuing a quotation or fulfilling your request.

3. Your right to access your information
You have the right to see what data we have collected about you during your visit(s) to You also have the right to update or change this data, to delete this data, and to have it returned to you.

You have two options for submitting your request to us:

By email:

By postal mail:

Eatz Associates
3205 N Wilke Rd #111
Arlington Heights, IL 60004

For security reasons we do not accept these requests by telephone.

4. Cookies
When you visit you have the option to accept cookies while you browse our site. Cookies are small text files that help us analyze how our site performs. They tell us what pages you visit and what actions you take onsite so we can provide a better user experience.

There are three basic types of cookies that can be installed on your browser:

  1. Persistent cookies remain on your browser until they expire.
  2. Session cookies are deleted when you shut down your browser after visiting a website.
  3. Third party cookies are placed on your computer by a website that is different from the website you are visiting.

Cookies we use:

  1. Google Analytics: Google Analytics is an application that uses cookies to analyze site performance and visitor preferences. This information helps provide a better and more worthwhile experience for users.
  2. We embed videos from our official YouTube channel using YouTube’s privacy-enhanced mode. This mode may set cookies on your computer once you click on the YouTube video player, but YouTube will not store personally-identifiable cookie information for playbacks of embedded videos using the privacy-enhanced mode. To find out more please visit YouTube’s embedding videos information page.

The information collected by Google Analytics is general, non-personally identifiable information such as pages viewed, browser type (e.g. Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome), network, operating system, and general geographic location. Any information entered into our site’s search box is also stored by Google Analytics.

The IP addresses of visitors are also stored, but this information is not accessible to IT. Our Google Analytics settings anonymize IP addresses to make them less identifiable to Google.

Google Analytics use of cookies and how long they persist in your browser is explained here.
If you choose to not allow Google Analytics to install cookies on your browser, you can install an add-on to block the cookies.

You can also configure your computer browser or electronic device (e.g. cell phone, tablet PC) so that you do not accept cookies and are not tracked by websites that you visit. If you choose to accept cookies temporarily but do not want to store them, they can be cleared from your browser(s). The procedure is different depending on the browser you are using. Here are links to the instructions for the five most popular web browsers:

5. Security of your data
We make every effort to ensure the security of any data you provide to us. Communications through our website are protected by SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology, which create a secure connection and encrypts any information you choose to provide. Our webserver uses standard industry security protocols to safeguard visitor information. However, as part of our Terms and Conditions the user acknowledges that it is impossible to protect any data provided with 100% certainty. If we become aware of a security breach we will make every effort to notify users of the nature of the breach and what information may have been compromised, as required by applicable law.

6. Embedded content from other websites
This site may include embedded content including videos, articles, or images that reside on other websites. Viewing or clicking on this embedded content is the same as visiting the website from which it originates and subjects you to that website’s privacy policy and associated data collection, use of cookies, and visitor tracking and monitoring.

7. Links
This website includes links to other websites including our vendors and business partners. If you click on a link and visit the linked website you will be subject to the privacy policies and terms and conditions of the linked site. Links to these sites do not constitute an endorsement by IT and we cannot be responsible for the content, privacy policies, or practices of any linked sites.

8. Social Media
This site uses social media icons that link to our social media sites on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

If you do not click on one of the icons no information is collected or transmitted.

If you click on one of the icons but are not logged in to the applicable social media site using your account information data may be collected by the social media site and the site may also set cookies which are beyond the control of this website.

If you click on one of the social media icons and are logged in or log into your own social media account then additional user information may be collected by the respective social media site. These sites have their own privacy policies that govern the use of your information.

Eatz Associates does not receive or collect any information concerning your use of social media with the exception of comments you choose to post on one of this website’s social media pages. In the event you choose to leave a comment or communicate with us on our Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus pages, that information will be stored on that social media site but is not otherwise used by this website’s owner.

9. Legal process
In the event any visitor information is requested as part of a court or other judicial or law enforcement proceeding, that information will be transmitted in accordance with the law governing that particular request or proceeding.

10. Republishing
Eatz Associates is not responsible for the republishing of the content of this site on other websites and is not responsible for the privacy practices of these sites. Your continued use of our website will be regarded as acceptance of these privacy and security practices.

If you have any questions about how we handle user data and personal information, feel free to contact us:

Eatz Associates
3205 N Wilke Rd #111
Arlington Heights, IL 60004